The Egalitarians - Human and Chimpanzee: An Anthropological by Margaret Power

By Margaret Power

This leading edge publication demanding situations the perceived view, established mostly on lengthy statement of artificially fed chimpanzees in Gombe and Mahale nationwide Parks, Tanzania, of the traditional social habit of chimpanzees as competitive, dominance looking, and fiercely territorial. In polar competition, all stories from naturalistic (nonfeeding) box reports are of nonaggressive chimpanzees residing peacefully on domestic levels in fluid, open, nonhierarchical teams. This examine has been principally overlooked and downgraded by means of many of the clinical group. through the use of the knowledge from those experiences, the writer is ready to build a version of an egalitarian kind of social association, in keeping with a job courting of mutual dependence between many charismatic chimpanzees of either sexes and different extra established participants. This hugely and inevitably optimistic mututal dependence method is attribute of either undisturbed chimpanzees and people who stay or lived through the "immediate-return" foraging approach.

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Claude Lévi-Strauss : Les cahiers de l'Herne n° 82

Anthropologue de réputation mondiale, Claude Lévi-Strauss, de l'Académie française, professeur honoraire au Collège de France, est l'auteur d'une oeuvre gigantic, traduite dans le monde entier, et qui a fait l'objet d'un très grand nombre de travaux. L'enseignement et les recherches de Claude Lévi-Strauss couvrent soixante années d'une activité qui charisma été décisive pour le développement des sciences de l'homme et de l. a. société, par los angeles portée théorique d'une réflexion sur l'objet et le discours d'une anthropologie sociale témoignant de los angeles fécondité du structuralisme. Cet ouvrage reprend le meilleur du Cahier de l'Herne paru en 2004, sous los angeles path de Michel Izard. Les textes sélectionnés par Yves Jean more durable rendent compte du parcours d'exception de Lévi-Strauss - los angeles rencontre des Indiens brésiliens ou l'exil new yorkais lors de los angeles Seconde Guerre mondiale-, ainsi que des grandes étapes de l'invention créatrice, tel le passage des travaux sur los angeles parenté à l'immense aventure des Mythologiques...

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The Comparative Approach in Evolutionary Anthropology and by Charles L. Nunn

By Charles L. Nunn

Comparability is prime to evolutionary anthropology. while scientists learn chimpanzee cognition, for instance, they evaluate chimp functionality on cognitive initiatives to the functionality of human childrens at the related initiatives. And whilst new fossils are came upon, reminiscent of these of the tiny people of Flores, scientists evaluate those continues to be to different fossils and modern people. comparability presents how to draw common inferences concerning the evolution of qualities and for that reason has lengthy been the cornerstone of efforts to appreciate organic and cultural variety. person reviews of fossilized is still, dwelling species, or human populations are the fundamental devices of study in a comparative examine; bringing those parts right into a broader comparative framework permits the puzzle items to fall into position, making a technique of trying out adaptive hypotheses and producing new ones. With this booklet, Charles L. Nunn intends to make sure that evolutionary anthropologists and organismal biologists have the instruments to gain the opportunity of comparative examine. Nunn offers a wide-ranging research of the comparative foundations of evolutionary anthropology in previous and current learn, together with reviews of animal habit, biodiversity, linguistic evolution, allometry, and cross-cultural edition. He additionally issues tips to the long run, exploring the hot phylogeny-based comparative methods and supplying a how-to handbook for scientists who desire to comprise those new tools into their learn.

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Worldviews, Science and Us: Interdisciplinary Perspectives by Diederik Aerts

By Diederik Aerts

This quantity is a part of the "Worldviews, technological know-how and Us" sequence of complaints and comprises a number of contributions near to worlds, cultures and society. It represents the court cases of numerous workshops and dialogue panels geared up by way of the Leo Apostel middle for Interdisciplinary reviews in the framework of the "Research at the building of Integrating Worldviews" learn group arrange through the Flanders Fund for clinical study, over the time period among 2005 to 2010.

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The Evolution of the Human Head by Daniel E. Lieberman

By Daniel E. Lieberman

In a single feel, human heads functionality very similar to these of different mammals. We use them to bite, odor, swallow, imagine, listen, etc. yet, in different respects, the human head is sort of strange. in contrast to different animals, even our nice ape cousins, our heads are brief and vast, very large brained, snoutless, mostly furless, and perched on a brief, approximately vertical neck. Daniel E. Lieberman units out to give an explanation for how the human head works, and why our heads advanced during this notably human manner.

Exhaustively researched and years within the making, this cutting edge publication files how the numerous parts of the pinnacle functionality, how they developed for the reason that we diverged from the apes, and the way they have interaction in different methods either functionally and developmentally, inflicting them to be hugely built-in. This integration not just allows the head’s many devices to deal with one another as they develop and paintings, but in addition enables evolutionary switch. Lieberman exhibits how, whilst, and why the main ameliorations obtrusive within the evolution of the human head happened. The detailed manner the pinnacle is built-in, Lieberman argues, made it attainable for a couple of developmental shifts to have had frequent results on craniofacial progress, but nonetheless let the pinnacle to operate exquisitely.

this can be the 1st ebook to discover intensive what occurred in human evolution by means of integrating ideas of improvement and useful morphology with the hominin fossil checklist. The Evolution of the Human Head will completely switch the research of human evolution and has common ramifications for considering different branches of evolutionary biology.

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Risk and Blame: Essays in Cultural Theory by Professor Mary Douglas

By Professor Mary Douglas

Threat and hazard are culturally conditioned principles. they're formed by way of pressures of social lifestyles and approved notions of responsibility. the chance analyses which are more and more being utilised through politicians, relief programmes and enterprise forget about the insights to be won from social anthropology that are utilized to trendy business society. during this number of contemporary essays, Mary Douglas develops a programme for learning probability and blame that follows from principles initially proposed in Purity and Danger. She indicates how political and cultural bias could be included into the learn of possibility notion and within the dialogue of accountability in public coverage.

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L'Homme dépaysé by Tzvetan Todorov

By Tzvetan Todorov

Arraché à son milieu, tout homme start par souffrir : il est plus agréable de vivre parmi les siens. Mais par los angeles suite, le dépaysement peut fonder une expérience ecocnomic. Il permet de ne plus confondre le réel avec l’idéal ou l. a. tradition avec los angeles nature. L’homme dépaysé, pour peu qu’il sache surmonter le ressentiment né du mépris ou de l’hostilité, découvrira los angeles curiosité et pratiquera l. a. tolérance. Sa présence parmi les « autochtones » exerce à son travel un effet dépaysant : en troublant les habitudes mentales, en déconcertant par sa conduite et ses jugements, il favorise l’étonnement, ultimate pas obligé dans toute découverte de soi.Mon passage d’un can pay à l’autre m’a enseigné tout à l. a. fois le relatif et l’absolu. Le relatif, automobile je ne pouvais plus ignorer que tout ne devait pas se passer partout comme dans mon will pay d’origine. L’absolu aussi, vehicle le régime totalitaire dans lequel j’avais grandi pouvait me servir, en toute circonstance, d’étalon du mal. De là, sans doute, mon aversion simultanée pour le relativisme ethical – tout se vaut – et le manichéisme du noir et du blanc. T.T.

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Witches of America by Alex Mar

By Alex Mar

"Witches are gathering."

When most folk pay attention the note "witches," they suspect of horror movies and Halloween, yet to the approximately a million americans who perform Paganism this day, witchcraft is a nature-worshipping, polytheistic, and extremely genuine faith. So Alex Mar discovers whilst she units out to movie a documentary and reveals herself drawn deep into the realm of present-day magic.

Witches of the United States follows Mar on her immersive five-year journey into the occult, charting glossy Paganism from its roots in Fifties England to its present American mecca within the San Francisco Bay region; from a meeting of greater than 1000 witches within the Illinois woods to the hot Orleans department of 1 of the world's so much influential magical societies. alongside the way in which she takes half in dozens of rituals and turns into concerned with a wild array of characters: a central authority worker who founds a California priesthood devoted to a Celtic goddess of conflict; American disciples of Aleister Crowley, whose difficult ceremonies flip the Catholic mass on its head; second-wave feminist Wiccans who perform an intensive separatist witchcraft; a turning out to be "mystery cult" whose initiates hint their rites again to a blind shaman in rural Oregon. This sprawling magical neighborhood compels Mar to confront what she believes is possible-or hopes may be.

With prepared intelligence and wit, Mar illuminates the area of witchcraft whereas grappling in clean and unforeseen methods with the query underlying each religion: Why can we decide to think in whatever in any respect? no matter if evangelical Christian, Pagan priestess, or atheist, every one folks craves a process of desiring to supply constitution to our lives. occasionally we simply locate it in unforeseen locations.

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Désorceler by Jeanne Favret-Saada

By Jeanne Favret-Saada

Quatrième de couverture :

    « Dès l. a. première entrevue, Madame flowers voulut que je nomme les ennemis que j’avais pu me faire. Or j’avais beau ne pas croire qu’un sorcier ait pu poser des charmes susceptibles de me rendre malade, j’avais beau ne pas croire que nommer soit tuer, je fus dans une totale impossibilité de lui livrer aucun nom. Chaque fois qu’elle me pressa de le faire, en frappant l. a. desk de ses cannes, j’eus l’esprit aussi vide qu’un analysant sommé de faire des institutions libres […] »
    L’anthropologue, devenue aussi psychanalyste, rapporte ici l. a. suite de ses travaux sur los angeles sorcellerie dans le Bocage de l’Ouest français. Elle s’est laissé impliquer dans les processus qu’elle étudiait. Certains ont vu en elle une désorceleuse, d’autres une ensorcelée m en même temps qu’elle instituait l’anthropologie « symétrique », dont elle fut une pionnière, qui met sur le même pied les deux partenaires de l’interlocution ethnographique. Le présent livre est donc un retour sur les matériaux relatifs au désorcèlement, et pose los angeles query de savoir remark le fait d’« être affecté(e) » permet de construire un discours rigoureux, ici sur l. a. sorcellerie.

    Jeanne Favret-Saada est l’auteur de : Les Mots, los angeles Mort, les types. los angeles sorcellerie dans le Bocage (1977) ; Corps pour corps. Enquête sur los angeles sorcellerie dans le Bocage (avec Josée Contreras, 1981) ; Le Christianisme et ses juifs, 1800–2000 (avec Josée Contreras, 2004) ; Algérie 1962–1964. Essais d’anthropologie politique (2005) ; remark produire une crise mondiale avec douze petits dessins (2007).

===== desk des matières


1. Prélude

2. l. a. thérapie sans le savoir
    Le psy, l’anthropologue, l’indigène
    Qualifier los angeles sorcellerie
        Les brokers sorcellaires
        Les attributs ontologiques des brokers et leurs actions
    Raconter los angeles sorcellerie
        Les récits exemplaires
        Les récits incitatifs
    La théorie et los angeles pratique

3. L’invention d’une thérapie
    Comparer des récits exemplaires
    Ensorceler, désorceler
    Les brokers sorcellaires
        Les humains dépourvus de « force »
    La strength anormale
        Sa trajectoire
        Son origine
        Sa compétence

4. Ah, l. a. féline, los angeles sale voisine…
    Le cadre de los angeles thérapie
    Guérir à son insu
    L’embrayeur de violence
    Le jeu de piquet comme parcours thérapeutique
        Cartes à signification obligatoire
        Cartes à signification libre
    La preuve par les tarots
    Le déminage du terrain anxiogène
    La prescription d’actes
    La voix du thérapeute comme enveloppement généralisé
Jeu de tarots de Mademoiselle Lenormand

5. Les ratés de l’ordre symbolique
    Quand l’État légalise los angeles coutume
    Résistance passive contre adhésion enthousiaste
    Le salut par les manières de femme
    La thérapie comme travail domestique
    N’être pas un « producteur individuel »
    C’est depuis que j’ai pris à mon compte
    Une establishment de rattrapage

6. Être affecté

Textes cités

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