Aerodynamics part 2. Methods of aerodynamic calculations by Krasnov N.F.

By Krasnov N.F.

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To see this, we note that this approximation is valid when the range R = /MX c is very small compared with the de Broglie wavelengths of all the particles involved. 36) gives M(q2 ) = −G, 16 A resumé of relativistic kinematics is given in Appendix A. 39) and has the dimensions of inverse energy squared. 15) is characterized by a single dimensioned coupling constant G and not g and MX separately. 166 × 10−5 GeV−2 . 5 UNITS AND DIMENSIONS In previous sections, we have quoted numerical values for some constants, for example GF above, and given formulas for others.

2 MeV/c2 . 15) Underlying the whole of this discussion is the assumption that lepton numbers are individually conserved. 10). One way of testing their validity is to search for reactions that violate lepton number conservation, but satisfy all other conservation laws, such as μ± → e± + γ and ve + e− → μ− + ve . 1. These tests are impressive evidence for lepton number conservation, and no violations have ever been detected in any particle decays. 1 Examples of leptonic decays that violate conservation of lepton numbers and the experimental upper limits on their branching ratios B.

This is clear evidence for muon neutrino oscillations. In a later development of the experiment, the flux of muon neutrinos was measured as a function of L/E by estimating L from the reconstructed neutrino direction. Values of L range from 15 km to 13 000 km. 10 in the form of the ratio of P(vμ → vμ ) of the observed number of events to the theoretical expectation if there were no oscillations. The data show clear evidence for a deviation of this ratio from unity, particularly at large values of L/E.

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