Advanced Paediatric Life Support, 3rd Edition by Kevin Mackway-Jones

By Kevin Mackway-Jones

A CD Rom containing details at the scientific administration of neonatal and paediatric emergencies. There are over 900 pages of administration together with greater than 500 scientific pictures, x rays, ECGs. it is also over a hundred and twenty video clips concerning teenagers experiencing emergency difficulties and receiving a variety of lifestyles saving systems. Covers emergencies appropriate in either wealthy and terrible nations. There are algorithms for the administration of emergencies all through, in addition to a formulary of emergency medicinal drugs.

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Nasopharyngeal airway insertion. Orotracheal intubation: infant/small child older child. Surgical airway: needle cricothyroidotomy surgical cricothyroidotomy. Ventilation without intubation: mouth-to-mask ventilation bag-and-mask ventilation. The basic skills of head and neck positioning, chin lift and jaw thrust are discussed in Chapter 4. Ventilation with a mechanical ventilator A full description is beyond the scope of this book. In general, in small children, pressure-controlled ventilation is preferred.

They are less liable to kinking than intravenous cannulae and have a flange for suturing or securing to the neck. In an emergency a 14-gauge intravenous cannula can be inserted through the cricothyroid membrane, and oxygen insufflated at 11/min/year of age to provide some oxygenation (but no ventilation). A side hole can be cut in the oxygen tubing or a Y-connector can be placed between the cannula and the oxygen supply, to allow intermittent occlusion and achieve partial ventilation as described in Chapter 22.

Both respiratory and circulatory failure will have central neurological effects. Conversely, some conditions with direct central neurological effects (such as meningitis, raised intracranial pressure from trauma, and status epilepticus) may also have respiratory and circulatory consequences. Neurological function Conscious level A rapid assessment of conscious level can be made by assigning the patient to one of the categories shown in the box. A ALERT V responds to VOICE P responds to PAIN U UNRESPONSIVE The painful central stimulus should be delivered either by sternal pressure or by pulling frontal hair.

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