Ace the Technical Pilot Interview by Gary Bristow

By Gary Bristow

* A accomplished examine advisor offering pilots the solutions they should excel on their technical interview
* good points approximately one thousand capability questions (and solutions) that could be requested throughout the technical interview for pilot positions
* huge scope--ranges from mild airplane via heavy jet operations
* Culled from interviewing practices of major airways world wide
* contains interviewing assistance and strategies

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Reverse thrust (ground use only) 5. Braking parachute What causes/are wing-tip vortices? Wing-tip vortices are created by span-wise airflow over the upper and lower surfaces of a wing/aerofoil that meet at the wing tips as turbulence and therefore induces drag, especially on a swept wing. ,. , ,, I I , ,. , , , I I I I . I I + I I I I . 8 Span-wise airflow/vortices on the wing. Span-wise airflow is created because a wing producing lift has a lower static pressure on the upper surface than on the lower surface.

Aerodynamics 27 For a constant IAS, the Mach number increases with altitude due to a decreasing LSS and temperature to a point where the Mach number exceeds Merit- To prevent the Mach number from exceeding Merit' the IAS must be reduced, which results in a decreasing Mach number. Therefore, there comes a point at the aircraft's absolute ceiling where the aircraft can go no higher. This is so because it is bounded on one side by the low-speed buffet and on the other by the highspeed buffet because the stall IAS and the Merit values are equal.

Therefore, the lift produced from the unstalled part ofthe wing, toward the tips and therefore aft, is behind the root with an overall net result of the center of pressure moving rearward, which results in a stable nosedown change in the aircraft's angle of attack at the stall. What happens to the stall speeds at very high altitudes, and why? The stall speed increases at very high altitudes, which the jet aircraft is capable of, because of 1. Mach number compressibility effect on the wing. At very high altitudes, the actual equivalent airspeed (EAS) stall speed increases because the Mach number compressibility effect on the wing disturbs the pressure pattern and increases the effective weight on the wing, resulting in a higher EAS stall speed.

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