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AbraVocabra the amazingly sensible approach to teaching by Rider A., et al.

By Rider A., et al.

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K. l. m. n. o. happening once a year very fat very blonde vicious; cruel a document that shows a person voluntarily gives up a right, claim or privilege weird; distorted to fight or quarrel over something silly a stupid or clumsy mistake poisonous; unhealthy; harmful a ruler who abuses power to stare stupidly cat-like; a member of the cat family armadillo-like; a member of the armadillo family speechless because of shock or amazement cheesy ____ 12. dumbfounded Fill-in-the-Blank Directions: The first 10 words listed above belong in the story below.

Guffaw ★ Bonus Words ____ 11. gumption a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o. able to write or speak easily and smoothly a loud, coarse burst of laughter to comfort; to make someone feel less sad greedy a sound made by elephants when they are angry boring because it’s all the same things worth remembering to spit to walk slowly or leisurely a blue liquid used for cleaning small in amount motherly; having to do with mothers cousinly; having to do with cousins conceited; selfish initiative and courage; “get-up-and-go” ____ 12.

Conrad is not particularly funny or brilliant, but everybody likes him because he is so genial. AbraVocabra • Copyright © 2003 Cottonwood Press, Inc. com 51 List #5 Name ________________________________ Test Matching Match each word in the left column to its correct definition in the right column. ____ 1. intricate ____ 2. dank ____ 3. ponder ____ 4. lackluster ____ 5. inaudible ____ 6. dismember ____ 7. submerge ____ 8. authentic ____ 9. lustrous ____ 10. inebriated ★ Bonus Words ____ 11. genial a.

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