A Handbook of TCM Pediatrics: A Practitioner's Guide to the by Bob Flaws

By Bob Flaws

This article is the fruit of in depth examine into the chinese language scientific literature on pediatrics and the reaction to years of practitioner requests for an outstanding, complete TCM pediatric textbook. It covers over forty five universal pediatric complains, giving differential analysis, ailment mechanisms, natural therapy, acumoxa remedy the place acceptable, and Bob's reviews approximately each. those illnesses are awarded within the chronological order that and they seem & comprise every little thing from colic and cradle cap to mumps and pediatric hyperactivity. There also are specific sections on pediatric prognosis and treating children with chinese language natural medications, immunizations, and nutritional treatment.

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However, when it comes to children, it is actually possible to provide preventive treatment in a realistic manner. Since so many infant’s and young children’s diseases are due to or at least involve poor digestion, practitioners should teach the parents of their young patients how to look for the signs of incipient disease. First of all, if the parent knows that their child has been eating more dairy products, sugars and sweets, chilled fruit juices, or ice cream and frozen yogurt, then immediately they should be warned to be more careful about the child’s diet for a few days.

All other substitutes for human breast milk are second best. That being said, then why do even breast-fed babies develop colic, earaches, coughs, etc.? Typically, the first complaint of very young infants who are brought to my office is colic. Colic refers to stomach cramps with accumulation of gas which worsens in the afternoon and may continue on into the night. The baby cries until or unless they can pass gas and they typically demand to be carried, jiggled, or moved about. Colic is seen as a digestive complaint in TCM pediatrics.

In Asia, the milk substitute that has traditionally been used is dilute rice soup. This is also the traditional first food other than the mother’s breast milk introduced into the baby’s diet. This food is nutritious and easy to digest. It is not so sweet as to create an addiction to the sweet flavor. It is also not so supernutritious that it creates excessive stagnant food, dampness, and phlegm. In addition, rice is warm in temperature and thus benefits the baby’s digestion, or in Chinese parlance their spleen and stomach yang.

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